Revenue Cycle Solutions

AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions is the industry’s most experienced mid-revenue cycle provider. We use business intelligence and data analytics to uncover opportunities to place highly skilled professionals and improve revenue capture and savings by providing multiple, measurable benefits. This approach offers our clients certainty and credibility and serves as a call to action to make positive change. As an integrated AMN solution, we deliver the most comprehensive services to help healthcare organizations succeed in a patient-centered world.

Available Webinars

Mark your calendars for the AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions Monthly Webinar Series. One or more Wednesday’s each month at 12:00 pm EST/9:00 am PDT.


Workforce Solutions

Whether you simply need staff or are looking for a hands-on, managed model, AMN’s Revenue Cycle Solutions team can meet you where you are, and scale services to help you achieve your goals.

Advisory Solutions

By taking a step back to analyze your current state – and understand your objectives – we can develop a business case for growth, and help design a future state that supports your strategic direction.


Education Solutions

Customized for your unique needs, our process identifies staff learning and skills gaps. Then, working with your team to set benchmarks, we train, educate, and monitor performance, increasing your confidence with the various staff roles we place.