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Uninsured. Underinsured. Poor. Children. Elderly. Homeless. Chronically Ill. Rural. Minorities.

These are some words describing vulnerable populations in the United States that can experience health disparity.

Social Determinants of Health

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A primary goal of public health is to reduce these disparities. The CDC recognizes the following adverse social determinants of health that put vulnerable populations at risk:

  • Discrimination

  • Occupation

  • Educational, income, and wealth gaps

  • Housing

  • Healthcare access and utilization (2020a)

These longstanding systemic health and social inequities are known factors that place vulnerable populations at an increased health risk. Those with limited or no insurance also tend to seek care only for severe or emergency events, leading to significantly higher hospitalizations and mortality rates. 


Unfortunately, multiple reports show the number of uninsured and underinsured in the U.S. is on the rise, and COVID-19 is widening the disparity gap. Complete and precise documentation of underlying SDOH risk factors for significant conditions, especially with the advent of COVID-19, are more valuable than ever. 


AMN Revenue Cycle Solutions is the premier staffing resource for coding, auditing, case management, social workers and CDI specialists, with the expertise necessary to help our clients realize their financial and public health goals.


We recognize that quality documentation and exceptional coding of SDOH factors play a critical role in the statistical analysis of health status along the continuum of care and can significantly impact the populations at risk. Fill out the form above to learn more.